Sunday, April 5, 2009

Need A Clutch Purse!

Ok so I have been really busy. Not only a new job, but a new house closing in less than a month! I haven't felt like I have had a lot of knitting time in the past month but also I but I still had a little time to do a clutch purse for myself. Where I work has high security and I need to have a bag for all my keys and I.D. and such, and this fit the bill! Next post I will show you all what little progress I have made on some projects, about some local happenings and maybe about some knitting goodness I have encountered..

I hope you all enjoy the pattern and appreciate that this is my first pattern I have ever offered, and realize I am not a professional at this (AKA don't be too harsh with the criticism!).
Need a Clutch Purse!
You will need:
One skein (or more if you want some cool colors)
10 ½ U.S. Circular (16 inch) Knitting Needles
10 ½ U.S. Double Point Knitting Needles (2)
Tapestry Needle
Regular Thread and Needle
1 slip ring marker

Stitch Pattern:
It is a moss stitch pattern, two rows, piece o cake!
Round 1: *K1, P1… continue through round in pattern.
Round 2: *P1, K1… continue through round in pattern.

CO 40 stitches, join into round.

Start Stitch Pattern, continue in pattern for 2 inches.

Increasing Round:

K1, M1, continue in pattern for 18 stitches, M1, K1. Place Marker. K1, M1, continue in pattern for 18 stitches, M1, K1.

(Every Increasing Round is K1, M1, continue in pattern until 1 before marker, M1, K1. After Marker K1, M1, continue in pattern until 1 before marker, M1, K1)

Knit 4 rounds

Increase round

Do Pattern of knit 4 rounds, Increase round, 2 more times. (3 increase rounds total)

Decreasing Round:
(Every decreasing row will be SKP, continue in patterns to 2 stitches before marker, K2tog. SKP, continue in pattern to 2 stitches before marker, K2tog.)

Knit 4 in pattern rounds

Decreasing Round.

Continue in this pattern (if you like how it looks, or adjust the knitting and decreases to the shape you like) until clutch measures 6 ½ inches. Bind off in 3-needle bind off. Here is a good link to a 3-needle bind off (its at the bottom of the page):

I-Cord strap:
Cast on 5 stitches with double point needles. Knit an I-cord that measures 18 inches. Here is a good link to making an I-cord (again, towards the bottom of the page):

Sew the strap together using the yarn and a tapestry needle. The ends of the strap must face the same way. Sew the strap into the inside of the clutch on to one of the decrease sides.

Throw the clutch into the washer with a pair of old jeans. Turn the top loading washer (hint hint) onto hot, and let it run a cycle, you don’t have to put any detergent into it. Then just let the purse air dry. You can pin the purse to shape if you want to but I let mine free-dry, and did not get any drying wrinkles in mine.

Sew in the zipper:

Just find the shortest zipper you can (mine was 7 inches and I just folded it into the bag) and sew it in with regular thread and needle.

Enjoy: Do I really have to explain that one?

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  1. Wow, K. Now, I have a question for you. How does one START knitting? I'm afraid to venture beyond crochet. :)