Thursday, April 16, 2009

V&L cont. + something I forgot

So to continue with Lime and Violet.. Usually I am able to finish a podcast in a single drive. Wait. Let me back up. At my old job, I used to listen to my iPod for 9 hours to make it through the day in a sane state of mind. Needless to say, it was a breeze to spend time with Lime and Violet and my other favorite podcasters in the morning and then get serious with War and Peace or Pride and Prejudice or another audiobook for the rest of my workday. Now, I just get my 30 minute drive and my wind down time in the evening for my podcast listening.

Yesterday I listened to the man talk on Lime and Violet and today I listened to the interesting travel talk. But the best part, other than the yarny talk, was the Intellectual property topic, about yarn patterns. Seriously, if you haven't listened to this Lime and Violet, and you are a fan of Knitty and what it represents, definitely listen to this podcast.
There is a link in the middle of the page. Snaps to you, Miss V, for bringing this up.

Another thing that I need to mention, and need to thank Trina for (Thanks Trina!) is about learning to knit. Since I am, well I am weird, no other way around that. Some people learn from books because they don't much like to make fools of themselves public until they are experts. That would be the category I fall into, so I try to teach myself things. However I have to say local yarn shops, craft centers and community centers that offer yarn classes can really be the way to go! Not only do you get help picking supplies and first patterns, you get hands on assistance through your first efforts. You have someone verbally and visually explaining it to you. So have a lot of fun and don't be afraid to make mistakes, that is how you learn! The idea I really want to get across to new knitters is that this new craft will probably be frustrating to them because it may not happen perfectly at first, but don't give up.

P.S. My Janet Shawl is Done!!! Perfect example of not giving up. Restarted a billion (probably 7) times, and started almost 2 years ago.. Just needs to be blocked! I decided to leave off the last ruffle edging for now, it is so pretty to me as is.

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