Wednesday, April 15, 2009

L & V

Just downloaded the new podcast from Lime & Violet. It great, they are a yarn podcast and the first 40 minutes of this latest one, they talk about men. All different kinds of men; and then they finish up with straight, knitting men that glow in the dark. Nice transition to knitting, ladies!

So, if you aren't one of their 30,000+ listeners, and you have an mp3 player, give this and other knitting podcasts a shot. They are informative, give up to date info about yummy yarn and patterns, and many are just a nice shot of hilarity for your drive home. I like listening to Lime & Violet for new inspiration. They talk about patterns I have thought about making, cute sweaters like the Snow White Sweater:
(I have the pattern, just waiting..)
And give awesome links to the new things out on the internet for us to find.

My Janet Lace Shawl is ALMOST DONE! 2 more rows!!! I will post pictures of it tomorrow.
Ivan says Hi! (I love this picture, so Deer-In-the-Headlights!)


  1. Hey K thanks for the knitting tips, although I watched the video and now I am convinced that knitting is harder than crochet...

    PS your bird freaks me out a little.

  2. My bird Freaks me out a bit too.