Sunday, March 15, 2009

Moths and Fish Juice

Funny things today. Let me share!

Its like a horror movie. I move to my new place to live with the husbando, and there is a Moth.. outside my door.. Waiting. To eat my yarn.

So my life is really changing. My husband is on a mission to get some healthy into our life, AKA on my first day of work I will be getting up before the bum-crack of dawn to hit a gym-place with the husbando.

This morning we got up earlyish to try our routine, and the Moth was still outside! I looked closer and realized that the Moth was dead. Yay! My yarn is freed from it's oppression.

I have ripped back my circular shawl AGAIN. The lace-weight is starting to felt.. this is the last time and then I am putting it away for a year.

We got to put the puppy sweater on my cousin's dog today, and got her to take the pictures, hoping to get them from her soon! He loves it! It fits perfect! Success!

The other funny thing that happened this evening was that the husbando and I were making dinner, some mahi-mahi, asparagus, and left-over rice, and he kept rinsing the fish in front of where I was rinsing the asparagus. It looked to me like he was offering me the fish juice. I kept saying, "No thank you. I do not want your fish juice." He looked at me oddly the first two times and then he offered me the empty bag the fish was vacuum sealed in, since I was closest to the garbage can. Can you tell we have a very small kitchen? I looked at him and he smiled. We just started laughing about fish juice.

Have a good week!

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