Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pre-Moving Maddness!

Everyone knows how moving is. How stressful it is, how it is best to take a few days to be at home and pack everything up, lose the packing tape.. find that half the boxes you have on hand have holes in them (no, not the top folks, you smarty pants). Then you step on the missing packing tape roll, almost break your neck, sort.. then sort some more... make some lists about what you want to sort.. and then end the evening by only getting one box packed. Yep that is how it has been going.

Mainly I am having trouble packing because I am not taking time off from work to do this tedious and stress-laden activity. I work all day, come home and look at the mess which is my strategic packing area of the house, find something to eat, and go to bed. This has been happening all this week and all last week. I start my job on the 16th! I need to get going on this.

SO I have a goal of packing 4 boxes tonight, and I am starting with the good stuff. The Yarn. The Yarn is getting put in the good plastic boxes. That should take 4 boxes, and then I will feel like I accomplished something.

New topic.. onto yarn.. I have been working on this beautiful yarn from knit picks. It is a lace weight which I doubled. It reminds me of a sunset. I would tell you the name, but I took the wrappers off this yarn in January of '08.. Yes, this project has been hibernating for quite a while! It is called Janet Lace Shawl, by Anna Marie Jensen. Knit Picks sells the pattern. It is truly lovely, it looks like a huge heirloom rose. So.. I am working on this because I don't want another UFO in my stash.. and because though I have a list of things that I want to create- on the top of the list is the husbando's sweater- I forgot that I brought all my knitting needles and my husbando's yarn for the sweater to the house in Merced. (Which I did so I could focus on the packing of this house!! It's not working!) So I am stuck working on my UFO.

I frogged the whole thing, and started over on Monday.. and I looked at my knitting today, and ya know, I made the same stupid mistake in the same row, that I did in the frogged work. So I have to back out 13 rows of lace. I am going to tink back because I am not so comfortable with my lace skillage yet. I have done a few lace stoles and shawls, but this one is kicking my bum! This picture doesn't do the yarn justice, but it does two things: it shows the spot where I flubbed, and it doesn't show my Scottie dog pajama leg!
Speaking of dogs.. I kind of want one. Did I mention that before? Almost got the cutest little Jack Russel pound pup, but they found her owner. She was stolen, and dumped in the backyard of a foreclosed home. She doesn't bark or whine so no one knew she was there until someone came to look at the home for sale. Sad story. I hope I can get a puppy soon.
OK. off to working on the boxes..

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