Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Re-knitting.. bleh!

I am working on this really cute little shawl from a mystery Knit Along (from now on known as a KAL). It is called the Evenstar knit along. I have no idea how this thing will look when I am done (because it is a mystery..), and that is fun, but it is also frusterating when you know you have something not quite right and you can't figure out why it isn't working.

I think this KAL really has shown me my weaknesses as a knitter. I rely on the pattern too much, I rely on a picture of the finished project so I know what the hell the thing is supposed to look like.

So I had to knit back on this shawl about 7 rounds because I can't drop lace weight yarn strands and feel good enough about picking up all of those tiny little stitches. Right now it is only about 6 inches across and I have about 160 live stitches going. Ridiculous!

Cool little trick: if you are uncomfortable with a pattern, get to a point you feel may be difficult (or make it a point to do it every 10 rounds, you pick), and thread your yarn needle with dental floss. Then go ahead and thread that floss through every live stitch on your needles. It makes a nice safe place in case you mess up, that you can rip your yarn (gently!) back to. If you chose to use this tip, here is another: mark on your pattern or chart which row you inserted the floss at, so you can fall back to the right point in the pattern! Ok, enough of the wise woman act.

Since this sucker is a mystery, I will post pictures of it when it is done, to honor the creator of the pattern's wishes in her mystery KAL.

Ok back to fighting with yarn smaller then dental floss!

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