Monday, July 27, 2009

Good Day!

Hi. I'm happy today. I did three jobs at work today, I was covering a lot of people's positions, but I really felt like I was productive today. Tomorrow will be a busy day!

This evening is what I am happy about. I made a really good dinner, I made my own alfredo sauce! I finished my food off with a cold white peach. It was so good and juicy! Then, well I didn't get to knit, but I was able to wind up my yarn for a baby sweater I owe a mommy.

My evening closed with the nicest 30 minute walk with Lucy. Not only was it a cool, beautiful evening with the nicest golden sunset; Lucy was really good on her walk! She hardly pulled at all.. and she listened to me! When she was pulling, I would give her a little pop with the leash and make a negative noise at her. She would listen and watch me, and she was still enjoying herself.

Then I watched my husbando and Lu play with her fuzzy buddy toy on the carpet. They are both so cute to watch!


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