Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fun weekend

Hi all, just here to say that after the week from heck at work, I was ready to have a great weekend, and I sure did! Husbando and I took Lu the wonderpup to Jackson Ranchoria RV park. Husbando's parents (I guess I could say parent-in- laws, so if I interchange, you will know who I am talking about) go RVing alot with a fun group, so we made it into a day trip for lots of good food and relaxation.
Also, it was kind of a reunion for Lucy; she got to visit her two sisters Lexie and Lacey. Of course, gratuitous shots of them all playing. They all have their own little personalities, and are all adorable, but Lu is definatly the most laid back and biggest of the group, so when the other puppies got too nippy or bouncy, she just pushed them over or sat on them.

I was hoping to get a nice nap on the way down and back to the RV site, but on the way down I was the Navigator and Puppy Holder as well as Puppy's Favorite Nap Lap. Naturally, those titles were joined with Knitter. Yup, got to knit on the way down, and a little at the site when everyone went to the pool. Unfortunately, not much to look at yet, just 8 inches of a 36 inch round tube..

It will eventually be the Knit Camisole top from Romantic Style, great book, 1920's, 30's style knitting and crochet with lots of frills, lace and feminine pieces. I really like this book; if you like detail, working with smaller needles and lighter weight yarn, this could be a great book for you.

I actually got Romantic Style originally for The Butterfly Dress (on the book cover). I have the yarn for it and I think my skill level is there to make this dress, but I want to be in shape for it. So I keep putting it off. I think I should start making the dress and then that will make me start working on the dress! The yarn I got for it is really pretty. It is a lace weight yarn by Knit Picks, it is called Midnight. It is blue-black with a hint of green in it, it has a lot of depth to the color and I bet it will look great over a long black slip. Maybe this will be my next project! Who knows?

This week, in honor of my finding out there will be a New Book in the Series (!!!)I am on a Diana Gabaldon kick with her Outlander Series. Tonight I am finishing off the second book, Dragonfly in Amber, and tomorrow I am going to start Voyager. I listen to these from

Well.. I hope you all have a great week! -K

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