Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The next week I will not be blogging as often, just putting the word out..

We are in the process of moving from the apartment to our first house! I won't be able to be any kind of consistent with the blog for the next 2-3 weeks, but I will try to post some pictures of our house, the new colors are beautiful. I will do some before-after pictures. It is quite a process. First we have to paint, clean, and move things from our local storage unit to the garage. Then, we have to pick up things we have left all over Northern California. Apparently, I have a whole room full of stuff at my parents house: our wedding china and breakable stuff.. yarn, go figure.. summer clothes and shoes, a whole bathroom of shampoos, TP, towels, face soaps and such. Then husbando has the same at his parents house. THEN.. we still have a storage unit in Sacramento. We are going to have a big arse garage sale once we go through all this stuff and find out we have 5 of everything.

I am very impressed with husbando. I didn't know he was so handy with the tools. I thought he was more of a thinker, and now I am finding he is very much a do-er. So far, he has installed a ceiling fan, installed a new chandelier, new lights everywhere, new vent for the AC, and mowed the lawn, other than painting with the family, re-boring the water spigots in the front and back, installing new door hardware.. can I say I am impressed?

So, needless to say, not much yarn happenings this past week. I have half of the baby sweater done, but it won't be done for the shower, so I am going the gift card route, and then put a picture of the sweater inside a card.

Have a happy week!


  1. So...when are the pictures coming? I haven't seen it all painted and done.