Sunday, June 7, 2009

A New Family Member!

I have been gone for a bit, hi again! Have been working on our house, and it is a NEVER ENDING project. I did not realize we had so much stuff!

Here is the big news.. no I am not pregnant. But I am getting a new small friend! Meet Lucy, my new puppy! Lucy is 6 weeks old, so we don't get to take her home for a couple of weeks. She is a Jack Russel Terrier/Chihuahua mix. We found her today at the Merced SPCA. I wasn't going to put a deposit on a puppy today, but I fell in love. There were 3 little girls at the shelter from the same litter. One was not interested in us at all, the other one we didn't choose was a little too wild, very distracted (and no we were not asking for an hour of attention, only like a minute). Lucy was very calm. When we held her, she was very interested in being with us, and she wanted just to be in my lap or next to my face or chewing on my fingers.

So this is when this gets a little bit more. More what? More puppies! We put our deposit on Lucy and left, and then I texted everyone I know and husbando's parents called us and wanted one too! So we got to pick out a second puppy for them. We sent them texts and told his parents about the other two puppy's personalities. It took a while for them to decide, but it was great because I got to snuggle some more with Lucy. The whole time this determination was going on, she was climbing all over my lap, trying to lick my face or just snuggling into my arms. She did not want to be on the ground, she did not want to play with the other puppies other than chew on them. It was a great time just sitting there and being with Lucy.

OK Back to the cleaning of the house. Have to get it ready for the new family member. Oh.. no yarn anything in the past month, I don't even know where my circular needles are. I know where all my beautiful yarn is.. all over the spare room!

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